Technical Regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union 037/2016 "On restriction of use of hazardous substances in electrical and radio-electronic products"

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Technical Regulation of the EAEU 037/2016 "On restriction of use of hazardous substances in electrical and radio-electronic products" was adopted by the Decision of Board of the Eurasian economic commission of August 29, 2017, No 113.

Scope of application

The TR EAEU 037/2016 establishes mandatory requirements on restriction to use of dangerous substances in electrical equipment and radio electronic products released into circulation within the common customs territory of the EAEU. This Technical Regulation includes following products:

  • Household equipment (refrigerators, dish-washing machines, vacuum cleaners, microwaves);
  • personal computers and technical devices connected to computers (for example, eBook readers, printers, scanners, monitors, webcams, modems);
  • electronic means of communication (for example, phones, portable radio);
  • electric hand tools;
  • electronic musical instruments;
  • lighting equipment;
  • playing machine;
  • cash registers, ticket-issuing machines, ID cards readers, ATMs, self-service terminals;
  • cables, wires, and cords for use at nominal voltage less than 500 AC and (or) DC, except fiber optic cables;
  • fire-alarm detectors.

The Technical Regulation does not apply to the equipment:

  • high voltage electrical equipment;
  • technical devices is not designed for autonomous use;
  • electrical toys;
  • electrical and radio electronics are intended for use in space objects;
  • electric equipment for use on air, water, ground and underground transports;
  • storage batteries;
  • pre-owned electrical and radio electronics;
  • measuring tools;
  • medical products.

According to requirements of the TR EAEU the following dangerous substances must not be contained in the electrical and electronics in exceeded norms:

  • lead;
  • mercury;
  • cadmium;
  • hexavalent chromium;
  • and etc.

Confirmation of conformity

The electrical equipment should undergo the procedure of confirmation of conformity in the form of declaration (Declaration of Conformity).

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