Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 004/2011 "On safety of the low-voltage equipment"

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Technical Regulation 004/2011 "On safety of the low-voltage equipment" was adopted by the Decision of the Customs Union Commission No 768 on August 16, 2011 and came into force on February 15, 2013.

Scope of application

The Technical Regulation 004/2011 objects are the low-voltage electrical equipment suitable for use at nominal voltage of 50 to 1000 V (inclusive) alternating current (AC) and of 75 to 1500 V (inclusive) direct current (DC), such as:

  • Household equipment:
    • for food preparation and storage;
    • for clothing, dress and footwear handling (washing, ironing, drying, cleaning);
    • for cleaning and sweeping;
    • for maintenance and control of microclimate in the building;
    • for hair, nails and skin care;
    • for body warming;
    • gaming, sporting and training equipment;
    • audio and video equipment, radio and TV receivers;
    • equipment for garden works;
    • lightning equipment and light-emissive devices;
  • electrical apparatus (switches, relays, fuses, plugs, sockets, connectors);
  • personal computers;
  • electric hand tools;
  • electro musical instruments;
  • cables, wires and cords;
  • low-voltage equipment connected to electronic data processing machines
  • devices for electric energy distribution.

The CU TR does not apply to:

  • equipment for operation in explosive envirmoment;
  • medical equipment;
  • lifts;
  • defense purposes electric equipment;
  • control equipment for grazing fences;
  • electric equipment for use on air, water, ground and underground transports;
  • electric equipment produced for safety systems of reactor units of atomic power stations.

Confirmation of conformity

The low-voltage equipment should undergo the procedure of confirmation of conformity in the forms of certification or declaration (Certificate of Conformity, Declaration of Conformity)

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