Certificates for series-production and for a batch of goods: specifics while registering

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The stages of obtaining certificates and declarations of conformity to technical regulations of the EAEU highly depend on the applied conformity assessment scheme.

In some cases, for the purpose of continuous importation of products, it is required to have the document valid for five years (series-production), and sometimes it is easier to import products in batches (some quantity of pieces of products).

Laws of the EAEU prescribe a special procedure of issue of Certificates of conformity (CoC) and Declarations of conformity (DoC) for series-produced goods and batches of products.

The below table shows peculiarities in issue of CoCs and DoCs for a batch of products and for series-production:

Series-production Batch of products
  • Product manufacturer
  • Representative of the manufacturer
  • Product manufacturer
  • Seller (importer)
  • Representative of the manufacturer
Production audit
  • Production audit is provided
  • Quality management system certificate should be obtained (in individual cases)
  • Surveillance is performed (for EAC certificates)
  • Production surveillance is performed (for EAC declarations)
  • Production audit is not provided
  • Quality management system certificate is not necessary
  • Production surveillance is not performed
Sampling Performed at the manufacturer’s finished products storage Performed at the place where the batch is located (at the manufacturer’s finished products storage, temporary storage warehouse, bonded storage, or at the recipient’s storage in case of safe custody, in a vehicle tank)
Product tests Usually required Required
Document validity term From 1 to 5 years Usually, the CoCs and DoCs documents have an unlimited validity term, and they are applied only to the current batch of products. For each new shipment, a new document should be issued
Important documents Agency agreement for certification Shipping documents for the batch (contract and invoice)

Note that it is easier to obtain a certificate and declaration for a batch of products than for series-production. The reason is that a production audit is not needed to issue the documents for a batch. Therefore the issue time and financial costs reduce.

However, the series-production certificate has the advantage over batch one, since it is valid for several years (from 1 to 5 years), and this makes it possible to continuously import goods.

It is also important to note that the procedure of issue of a Certificate of conformity or Declaration of conformity highly depends on the selected conformity assessment scheme.

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