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The Certificate of state registration of the product (CSR) is a document that confirms that the product is safe for human health and that it meets the common sanitary regulations and hygienic standards of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

Certificate of state registration is required for import of products to the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union and their further sale within the territory of the EAEU member states – Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Kazakhstan.

The EAEU authorized bodies register products and issue the Certificate. In Russia, such authorized body is the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor). Certificates of state registration are valid within the whole EAEU territory regardless of the country they were issued in.

Products that require State registration

The list of products that require the State registration and issuing the Certificate is defined in Part II of Decision of the Commission of Custom Union No 299 of May 28, 2010.

Thus, the following products require the Certificate of state registration:

  • Nutrition products for children
  • Disinfection, pest and rat control means
  • Household chemicals (dish-washing and floor cleaning liquid)
  • Potentially harmful chemical and biological substances
  • Pipes and fittings used in domestic water supply systems
  • Personal hygienic products for adults
  • Products intended for direct contact with food (except tableware, technical equipment and tin packing machines).
  • Certain other products

Both the EAEU HS code and the name of the product should be considered to determine whether the state registration is necessary. The products that require state registration should be mentioned in both columns of the table from Part II of the Common list of products.

Thus, for example, HS code 3307 for body sprays is included in the left part of the table, but no body sprays mentioned in the right part. Hence the certificate of state registration is not required for body sprays.

Group 33

Essential oil and resinoids; perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations

From 3307 Room deodorant, perfumed or not with disinfectant properties

According to the Part II of the Common list of products the State registration is not required for the following products, regardless of their EAEU HS codes:

  • product samples;
  • laboratory glassware;
  • souvenirs, cosmetic accessories;
  • product samples for exhibitions and advertising not intended for sale within the EAEU;
  • second-hand products;
  • products sold in duty free shops;
  • humanitarian aid;
  • etc.

In addition, State registration is not required for raw materials, active agents that are used only for production of perfumery and cosmetics, household chemistry, disinfection, pest and rat control means and pharmaceuticals, some salts and esters. The Certificate of state registration may be issued for several names of products provided that all these products are produces by the same manufacturer in accordance with the same technical requirements, their design and intended use are almost identical and their insignificantly different features (packaging, slight design variations) have no impact on their safety record.

Documents required for issuing of the Certificate

Both the importer and the manufacturer of the product (including foreign manufacturers) may be applicant for the Certificate of state registration. The procedure of the Certificate issuing is the same in both cases, but the list of documents required will be slightly different.

The foreign applicant (manufacturer) should submit the following documents:

  • product composition in %
  • MSDS
  • ISO certificate
  • label or its draft
  • free sale certificate
  • quality declaration issued in the manufacturing state
  • user’s manual
  • copy of the contract and/or the invoice

All the documents should be translated into the Russian language. The applicant shall receive the product test report/reports and the expert conclusion along with the Certificate.

Form of the Certificate of state registration

                          Eurasian Economic Union Logo
                            EURASIAN ECONOMIC UNION
      (approving authority of the Eurasian Economic Union member-state)
                         (approving authority head)
                     (name of local administrative unit)

                           of state registration
                       N ______ of __ _________ ____
(product names, normative and (or) technical documentation in accordance 
with which the products were manufactured, name and location of the 
manufacturer, the recipient)
conform to _____________________________________________________________
were registered by the state, were included in the Common register of 
Certificates of state registration and their manufacturing, sale and use 
were authorized

This certificate is issued on the basis (list the examined test reports, 
name of the organization (test laboratory, center) that tested the 
products, other examined documents)):

Certificate of state registration is valid during the whole period of 
manufacturing or import of the certified products (goods) to the Eurasian 
Economic Union territory
Signature, full name, the appointment of the authorized individual that 
issued the document and the stamp of the authority (institution) that 
issued the document
                         (Full name/signature)
Stamp here

Docx icon.png Form of Certificate of state registration

Certificate issuing and validity period

Usually the Cetificate is issued within 5-7 weeks. However, in practice the issuing period may be extended in summer (the vacation season) or due to public holidays.

The Certificate of state registration is valid for unlimited period of time.

The Customs authority may require the following documents for the product’s import:

  • original Certificate or its copy
  • extract from the Common register of Certificates of state registration
  • information from the Common register of Certificates of state registration

Common register of Certificates of state registration

The registered Certificate is listed on the official site of the Eurasian Economic Commission in the common register of Certificates of state registration.

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