Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 019/2011 "On safety of personal protective equipment"

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Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 019/2011 was adopted by the CCU Decision No 878 on December 9, 2011, and came into force on June 1, 2012.

Scope of application

The CU TR 019/2011 applies to new (have not previously been in operation) personal protective equipment (PRE) released into circulation on the EAEU custom territory.

Types of personal protective equipment, which are subject of the CU TR 019/2011 listed in below:

  • PPE against mechanical effects (for example, special shoes, gloves, helmet, glasses, facial shields, etc.);
  • PPE against chemical factors (for example, filter mask);
  • PPE against radiation factors;>
  • PPE against high and (or) low temperatures;
  • PPE against electric shock;
  • high-visibility clothing.

The CU TR 019/2011 does not apply to the following types of PPE:

  • PPE using for sports;
  • PPE designed for fire departments;
  • PPE for use in aviation, space technology and underwater operations;
  • PPE designed for medical purposes;
  • PPE used as samples for exhibitions and fairs.


Personal protective equipment – special means for prevention or reducing harmful effects on human and (or) hazards.

Safety personal protective equipment - means human safety when exposed to dangerous factors in the operation of personal protective equipment listed below:

  • General industrial pollution;
  • mechanical effects general industrial pollution;
  • harmful chemicals;
  • ionizing and non-ionizing radiation;
  • effects of increased (decreased) temperature;
  • impact of electric current, electric and electromagnetic fields;
  • impact of biological agents (microorganisms, insects);
  • low visibility.

Confirmation of conformity

Conformity assessment of the personal protective equipment is carried out in the form of:

  • Certificate of Conformity;
  • Declaration of conformity.

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