Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 018/2011 "On safety of wheeled vehicles"

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Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 018/2011 "On safety of wheeled vehicles" was adopted by the CCU Decision No 877 on December 9, 2011, and came into force on January 1, 2015.

Scope of application

The objects of the CU TR 018/2011 are following:

  • wheeled vehicles of categories L, M, N and O designed for use on public roads (motor bicycle, bike, ATV, buses, trolleys, trailers, fire trucks, vans and etc);
  • vehicle components that have an impact on the safety (motorcar engines, clack valves, filters, hoses, wheels, auto-tyres, vehicle glasses, headlamps, helmets and etc).

A detailed list of product subjects to CU TR 018/2011 is indicated in Annex No 1.

The CU TR does not apply to vehicles:

  • having a maximum speed of not more than 25 km/h;
  • intended only for participation in competitive sports;
  • categories L and M1 with the release date of which has passed 30 years or more and categories M2, M3 and N, not intended for commercial transportation of passengers and cargo, with the release date of which has been 50 years or more (with the original engine, bodywork and frame);
  • imported into the common сustoms territory of the EAEU, for a period not exceeding 6 months;
  • imported into the common customs territory of the EAEU as the personal property of individuals who are recognized as refugees or internally displaced persons;
  • belonging to the diplomatic and consular missions, international organizations as well as staff of these offices organizations and their families;
  • off-road heavy motor truck.

Confirmation of conformity

The wheeled vehiclesechnical should undergo the procedure of confirmation of conformity in the forms:

  • Type approval;
  • Declaration of Conformity;
  • Certificate of Conformity

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