Importation of Special hardware meant for secret information acquisition

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Nowadays, people use a lot of different devices like gadgets, smart appliances. Moreover, there are multifunctional devices like a smart watch with GPS, or a pen with video camera having a few functions at once, and the devices camouflaged as the other ones. They can be used for unintended purposes such as overhearing, spying or interception of information, that is why the devices could be classified as special hardware meant for secret information acquisition. So, it is necessary to provide the customs with the additional legal documents if you intend to import these devices to the Eurasian Customs Union.

Types of special hardware

A classification of special hardware based on its technical specifications and purposes presented below:

  • Special hardware meant for secret acquisition of acoustic information

It includes various appliances that are able to receive and collect acoustic information. Usually, this is hidden or camouflaged wired and radio microphones.

  • Special hardware meant for secret surveillance or collection of visual and video information

This kind of hardware comprises devices intended for secret reading and copying of documents or another data, including night-vision and pinhole video/photo cameras.

  • Special hardware meant for secret tapping of telephone calls

Special appliances designed to intercept or store of telephone calls information via contact or contactless sensors. It also includes hardware means for interception of radio communications.

  • Special hardware meant for secret interception and collection of information from the technical communication channels

It includes devices intended to secretly read (and store) of the technical data from the technical communication or service channels and unwired communication systems like digital cellular networks.

  • Special hardware meant for secret interception of mails

The purpose of this hardware is to provide secretly mail reading and if it is necessary to copy or fake the documents that it contains. It including devices meant for opening a mail case and subsequent recovering of it.

  • Special hardware meant for secret entry into premises or vehicles

Hardware has ability to shut an alarm system down, and the tools meant to diagnose locking devices and overcoming it, including electronic master keys.

  • Special hardware meant for secret surveillance of moving vehicles or other objects

Generally, this is presented by compact car radio pairs: the transmitter that can transmit location information over long distances, and the receiver including hidden or camouflaged GPS-trackers. There are also location finding systems based on radiofrequency technologies.


According to Chapter 2.17 of Appendix 2 to the Decision of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission No 30 of April 21, 2015 an import of special hardware meant for information acquisition is restricted activity. It is necessary to provide customs by License of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Minpromtorg) or FSS permit (legal document).

The need to provide a specific legal document depends on the declared customs procedure:

  • License: an export or import for domestic consumption;
  • Permit: processing in the customs territory, temporary import or export and other customs procedures.

The placement of special technical hardware under the customs procedures for duty-free trade or denial in favor of the state is not allowed. Also, importation by individuals for personal use is not allowed.

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