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All registered Notifications are entered into the Common Register of Notifications (hereinafter — the Register) and published the official website of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

The Register contains information about all valid or currently cancelled Notifications (but not expired ones[1]) issued in the territory of the EAEU (a Notification may be cancelled at the reasonable request of the applicant, as well as by the authority which registered the Notification in case the filed information is found to be invalid or incomplete).

The Register provides the following information about a notification:

  • Registration number
    It is a unique 12-character long ID, with the first 2 characters (RU, KZ, BY, AM) designate the country of registration (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, or Armenia, respectively);
  • Identifier
    It is a 12-digit long sequence of 0’s and 1’s that encode the cryptographic categories that apply to the product;
  • Product manufacturer
    The company that manufactured the product, usually, its principal office / HQ, and its official address;
  • Product name
    Product name, its model or item number;
  • Date of publication
    The date when this notification was added to the Register;
  • Period of validity
    The date until which the notification will be valid;
  • Status
    May be “active” or “canceled”;
  • Date of cancellation
    The date when the notification was cancelled by resolution of the approving authority;
  • Date of registration
    The date when the notification was registered by the approving authority.

Information from the Register can be used by any legal entity or individual to import / export goods with cryptographic functions[2]. The paper version is not required. This information may be used to import or export cryptographic devices by any legal entity or natural person. Submission of an original document on paper is not required.

What is a Notification?

Notification is a document that contains information about cryptographic functions of a product (e.g. authentication, Wi-Fi encryption, etc).

Notification is required for import of most of products with cryptographic functions to the EAEU[3] territory as well as for export from the EAEU.

The Notification should be filed by the manufacturer and registered by an approving authority of EAEU member-state (in Russia — the Federal Security Service, FSS).

Manufacturers of cryptographic products most usually draw up and submit Notifications on their own or through their representatives in advance. Therefore, exporters and importers should check the Register and look for the Notification for particular products before importing/exporting them.

How to find a notification in the Register?

Start with selecting the "Product Name" column and entering the name or model of the product in the "Find in All Records" field on the Register website.

For example, suppose you need to find a notification for a router model 7950 XRS-20. Just enter the model name into the field, and the registered notification is found: RU0000043161.

Goods with simple model names (e.g. printer M5) are best searched for by the name of the manufacturer (e.g. Avery Dennison Retail Information Services LLS) or trademark (e.g. Avery Dennison Pathfinder®) since there can be a lot of products with similar model names in the Register:

Notification register 1.png

However, if you type in the manufacturer of the product: “Avery Dennison Retail Information Services LLS”, you can easily find the required notification: RU0000015589.

Many manufacturers specify a product model that does not match the trade name. For example, the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro smartphone cannot be found in the Register by its trade name:

Notification register 2.png

Though if you enter the catalogue number M1903F11G of the model Mi 9T Pro, you will immediately find the Notification: RU0000042967.

When you have found the Notification in the Register you can save it by clicking "Save as PDF" in the upper right corner of the web page. The Notification is saved in Adobe PDF format.

By clicking on the column names, you can sort the Notification list. For example, by clicking on "Date of Cancellation" you can see the last cancelled Notifications.

Register of notifications: statistics

As of June 2021, the Register contains information on more than 35,000 Notifications, 617 of which are cancelled now.

Most Notifications are registered in Russia: there are about 32,000 Notifications (more than 90%) registered by the Federal Security Service (FSS) of Russia. Almost 3,270 Notifications were registered by the National Security Committee (NSC) of Kazakhstan. The remaining Notifications were issued in Armenia and Belarus, while there are not any Notifications registered in Kyrgyzstan yet.


  1. However, one can request the register to be displayed as at a certain date in the past by selecting the date in the respective field (named “Состояние на” in Russian). Notifications active on that date will be shown even if they have expired by now
  2. The EAEU Law introduces a special term for such goods: encryption (cryptographic) means
  3. EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union) — common customs territory of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.
  4. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

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