Technical Regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union 038/2016 "On safety of attractions"

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The Technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union "On safety of attractions" 038/2016 was adopted by the Decision of the Eurasian Economic Commission dated October 18, 2016 No 114. Enters into force on April 18, 2018.

Scope of application

The Technical regulation EAEU is applicable to temporary (transported) attractions and stationary attractions, where passengers are subject to the biomechanical effects of potential biomechanical risk RB-1, or RB-2, or RB-3, and are divided into the following types:

  • Mechanized forward movement attractions such as sliding mountains, towers of free fall, catapults, park trains on rails, cable park roads;
  • Mechanized rotary motion attractions such as view wheels, swings, carousels;
  • Mechanized complex motion attractions such as the mechanized cinema chairs, simulators, and attractions based on industrial robots;
  • Tracks and сarting such as сarting-cars, expressways with mini cars;
  • Inflatable attractions such as inflatable bouncers, slides, mazes;
  • Water unmechanized attractions such as straight water slides and with superelevations, springboards;
  • Unmechanized Attractions such as roller coasters, swings, carousels, bungees
  • Attractions for children such as roller coasters, slopes, swings, carousels, electric or pedal cars.

The forms and types of attractions are defined in Annex N 1 to the Technical regulation.

The TR EAEU 038 does not apply to:

  • Children's playground equipment
  • Attractions with negligible potential of biomechanical risk (RB-4)
  • For the attractions made and put into service prior to the entry into force of this technical regulation.


  • Attraction - is an equipment designed for the entertainment of passengers during the motion, including biomechanical effects;
  • Children's Attraction - is an amusement ride specially designed for children's Entertainment (from 90 to 160 cm in height);
  • Mechanized attraction - is a ride that moves passengers along a predetermined trajectory or within a limited space by using different types of energy;
  • Biomechanical effect - is an impact on the passengers of the forces associated with their movement.

Confirmation of conformity

The compliance with the requirements of the Technical regulation is confirmed by:

  • In the form of mandatory certification ((Certificate of Conformity) for attractions with the potential biomechanical risk degree of RB-1$
  • In the form of a conformity declaration (Declaration of Conformity)) for attractions with the potential biomechanical risk degrees of RB-2, RB-3.

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