Technical Regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union 035/2014 "Technical regulation for tobacco products"

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Technical Regulation of the EAEU 035/2014 "For tobacco products" was adopted by the Decision of Board of the Eurasian economic commission of November 12, 2014, No 107, and came into force on May 15, 2016.

Scope of application

CU TR 035/2014 applies to tobacco products released into circulation within the common customs territory of the EAEU .

The Technical Regulation does not apply to:

  • The samples of tobacco products imported on EAEU territory by laboratories, manufacturers of tobacco products and (or) importers (sellers) and intended for quality control and safety, for measurements according to international standards, carrying out interlaboratory comparison tests, measurements of the normalized parameters according to requirements of technical regulations of the Republic of Tajikistan, calibration of the equipment, comparative tests, carrying out tastings, studying of design;
  • the samples of tobacco products imported on the EAEU territory by organizers and (or) participants of the international exhibitions and fairs as samples and exhibits;
  • tobacco products which are exported according to agreements in foreign trade;
  • not smoking tobacco products.

Confirmation of conformity

The tobacco products should undergo the procedure of confirmation of conformity in the form of declaration (Declaration of Conformity).

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